Private Guitar Lessons


Guitar is a very rewarding and beautiful sounding instrument to learn. You can just play easy chords and sing or go as extreme as you want once you master it.

I have been teaching guitar for about 15 years.  I do beginner all the way through advanced lessons. There are 60 and 90 min lessons available. I have all the equipment and instruments so just bring a notebook and pen to make notes. 

Here are some common things that I work on with my students:

  • Finger and Hand Positioning on the Guitar
  • Finger Style Picking Technique
  • Strumming Technique
  • Acoustic Guitar Techniques
  • Electric Guitar Techniques
  • Rhythm, Groove, Time Feel and Playing Behind / in Front of the Beat
  • Mastering guitar techniques through the use of exercises developed over the years as well as based on Berklee College of  Music curriculum
  • Ear Training
  • Organizing a Guitar Fretboard
  • Playing Fast and Clean
  • Using Alternate and Sweep Picking as well as other techniques such as Legato, Tapping, Bending, Vibrato, Natural and Artificial Harmonics
  • Being able to play everything regardless of complexity
  • Memorizing songs faster
  • Improvising over Jazz chord progressions
  • Developing an ability to play what you hear
  • Playing complex jazz chords (9th, 11th, 13th and alterations)
  • Avoiding boring exercises and having fun when studying
  • Clear understanding of chordal shapes
  • Understanding of harmony
  • Playing in all twelve keys
  • Understanding and applying Enharmonic Substitutions
  • Constructing triads, 7th chords, as well as inversions 
  • Improving style, intonation, technique, time, feel, and tone.
  • Voice-leading
  • Playing Scales and Arpeggios
  • Approach notes and Continuity in Jazz Improvisation

and beyond…

Most schools out there will charge three times more than what I charge

The curriculum is customized for individual needs

My home studio in Hollywood is equipped with a modern silent guitar rig that allows recording, overdubbing, playing along your favorite tracks and jamming with a teacher on the fly at a high quality studio sound.

Locations available:

  • teacher home studio in Hollywood
  • student location
  • online

Let me know if you have any questions. 
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