Photo shoot by Mihal Pigichka.

This photo shoot has taken place at the garage area underneath our appartment in San Diego, CA after coming home from a gig in April 2018.


Photo shoot by Natasha Morohova.

This photo shoot was done in November 2016 by Natasha Morohova at her studio in Berlin, Germany.


Photo shoot by Anna Vasilieva.

This is a huge photo shoot by my favorite photographer Anna Vasiliava. It took us literally the whole day to make it. We visited 4 different places in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The shooting was intended to the release of my new album “A Turn in the Right Direction”. Special thanks to Aya Petrova, our manager during that time. She spent the whole day with us helping with everything. She was captured on a few photos.

Photo shoot with Electric Guerrillas.

I don’t remember when exactly this shoot was done, but it was at the rehearsal space close to metro Technologichesky Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Thanks to Vadim Kurylev, leader of the Electric Guerrillas band for the opportunity.

Pictures taken during our live shows by Tania Zyrianova, Mihal Pigichka, and Vittorio.

This is a mixture of my recent live shows with Deuces Wild Jazz.

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